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Floor Care

Fresh All Purpose Neutral Cleaner
A floral scented, rinse free, all-surface cleaner that won’t dull finished floors. Safely removes embedded dirt and scuff marks, extending the life of the finish. Safe for use on ALL surfaces not harmed by water, including marble and granite.
124104SYM 4/1 gal case
Lemon All Purpose Neutral Cleaner
Concentrated, biodegradable, non butyl, free rinsing, low foam neutral cleaner for floors and other surfaces not harmed by water. Allegro Lemon All Purpose Neutral Cleaner removes soil, dust and dirt without dulling floor finish.
116704SYM 4/1 gal case
Multi-Surface Cleaner
A biodegradable, general purpose cleaner for use where a neutral cleaner isn’t strong enough. Contains a proprietary blend of high performance detergents and chelating agents that quickly penetrate and emulsify soils - even grease & dirt. Ideal for use in scrub and recoat systems prior to top-coating with new finish. Concerto is strong enough to remove any soils that may have been burnished deep into the floor finish; yet will not remove the good finish under it!
114004SYM 4/1 gal case
UHS Floor Finish
Finale UHS Floor Finish delivers superior results providing a high gloss that will deepen with time. Designed specifically for customers that demand the very best in floor care technology - this product will not disappoint. Utilizing innovative non-yellowing triple-polymers, Finale UHS Floor Finish provides maximum gloss and repairability. Recommended for customers that burnish 1or more times a week.  
122704SYM 4/1 gal case
122705SYM 5 gal
Heavy Duty Floor Stripper
Forte Heavy Duty Stripper is a highly concentrated, low odor, rinse-free floor stripper designed for the removal of the TOUGHEST floor finishes including those hardened by burnishing. Formulated with special wetting agents to prevent rapid drying. Use on vinyl, ceramic, terrazzo, concrete and more.
113204SYM 4/1 gal case
High Solids Floor Finish
Brilliant, high-gloss, thermoplastic finish & sealer provides the optimum in durability and wear for all floor types. High solids formula allows for fewer coats to achieve superior results. Ideal for medium and low maintenance systems, Harmony will withstand the toughest conditions and can be easily repaired using a restorer.
122504SYM 4/1 gal case
122505SYM 5 gal
Extreme Floor Stripper
This high power, ultra-concentrated, highly active floor stripper was developed to penetrate and remove multiple coats of burnished floor finish with a minimum of labor. Utilizing the latest in technology, RAPIDO EXTREME STRIPPER requires little if any scrubbing and greatly reduces the time it takes to strip a floor.  
113105SYM 5 gal
Mop-On Gloss Renewer
Restorer, cleaner and spray buff formulated to increase coefficient friction of floor surfaces while restoring floors to original gloss. Reduces potential for slips and falls.
129704SYM 4/1 gal case
Low Maintenance Floor Finish
Tempo Low Maintenance Floor Finish utilizes highly durable internally cross-linked polymers blended to achieve a harder floor finish for low maintenance floor systems. Our unique chemistry results in an high gloss, long wearing finish that is perfect for Educational and Retail facilities which have little time for floor burnishing. Tempo resists scuffing to further reduce maintenance costs.
127404SYM 4/1 gal case
127405SYM 5 gal
Black Stripping Pad
Stripping Floor Pad
Designed for heavy duty wet stripping. Aggressively removes wax, dirt, and old finish.For use with machines up to 350 RPM
Available Sizes: 13", 14", 17", 19", 20", 21"
5 pads / case
Blue Cleaner
Scrubbing Floor Pad
For routine scrubbing. Removes dirt and scuff marks from heavily soiled floors prior to recoating. Machine Speed: Up to 350 RPM
Available Sizes: 17", 20"
5 pads / case
Combo Burnishing Pad
Burnishing Floor Pad
Blended polyester and natural fibers for an extra high gloss when buffing or burnishing with an ultra high speed machine. Use dry or with spray buff solution.   Machine Speed: Up to 3000 RPM
402020SYM 5/1 20" pads to case
Dominator Extra Heavy Duty Aggressive Stripping Pad
Stripping Floor Pad
Designed specifically for the heaviest duty stripping tasks. This pad is made with more abrasive grit to produce the ultimate stripping. For use with machines up to 350 RPM
Available Sizes: 15", 16", 17", 18", 19", 20"
5 pads / case
Green Scrub
Scrubbing Floor Pad
For heavy duty scrubbing or light stripping. Removes heavy dirt and scuff marks prior to recoating. Machine Speed: Up to 350 RPM
Available Sizes: 13", 17", 19", 20"
5 pads / case
Porko Extreme Burnishing Pad
Burnishing Floor Pad
UHS burnishing pad that contains the highest amount of hog hair available from Americo. It is perfect for the new trend in higher solid and harder finishes, to achieve the desired appearance.   For use on machines up to 3000 RPM
402820SYM 5/1 20" pads to case
Red Buffing Pad
Buffing Floor Pad
For light cleaning and buffing. Removes light scuff marks and dirt while producing a high gloss shine.Machine Speed: Up to 800 RPM
Available Sizes: 17", 18", 19", 20", 21"
5 pads / case
White Polishing Pad
Buffing Floor Pad
Extra fine pad for polishing clean dry floors. Use to buff soft finishes and low traffic areas.  Machine Speed: Up to 3000 RPM
Available Sizes: 16", 17", 19", 20"
5 pads / case

Carpet Care

Carpet Defoamer
This highly concentrated product quickly eliminates foam in the equipment’s recovery tank, extending the time of use prior to emptying of tank. Use in extractors, scrubbers, wet vacuums, water fountains - anywhere that excessive foam is a problem.
152504SYM 4/1 gal case
2 n 1 Carpet Cleaner
This highly concentrated low-foaming extraction solution quickly cuts through soil and grease to clean and renew carpets and upholstery. Formulated with a special blend of cleaning agents, it rinses freely, leaving no residue while cleaning and deodorizing carpets. The pH-balanced formula is an excellent choice for use on fifth generation stain-resistant carpets. At higher dilution ratios this product effectively lifts and removes grease from heavily soiled traffic lanes.
156404SYM 4/1 gal case
Carpet & Textile Rinse
A highly effective carpet rinse that renews and softens. Revitalizes all fibers that may have been hardened due to overuse of carpet detergents and shampoos. Eliminates browning, yellowing and water spots due to coffee spills, tea and more. Great when used in carpet extractor when used with Serenade UpBeat or Prelude carpet prespray.
157304SYM 4/1 gal case
Major Digester
Carpet Cleaner & Odor Eliminator
A bacterial enzyme that fights odors from any porous surface; from carpets to concrete, tile & grout. Major Digester contains no toxic chemicals and can be used anywhere odors and food based stains are found. Major Digester’s unique formulation has odor protection that works even when you are not. It is low foaming, non-corrosive, phosphate free, biodegradable and non-flammable. Ideal for use in and around nursing homes, schools, and food handling areas.
156432SYM 12/1 qt case
156404SYM 4/1 gal case
Carpet & Laundry Spotter
Ready to use spot and stain remover for water soluble stains, wine, grease, food, beverages, dirt, blood, urine and many other hard to remove stains. Safe for use on carpets, upholstery, fabrics and clothing.
114532SYM 12/1 qt case
Carpet Prespray & Bonnet Cleaner
Simplify carpet cleaning with this specially balanced blend of low foaming surfactants designed for cleaning all types of carpet and upholstery. This ultra low residue formula rinses easily and completely. Prelude is concentrated, for outstanding performance at an economical price. Recommended for use with low speed maintenance equipment & hot water extraction equipment on all types of carpeting and upholstery.
150004SYM 4/1 gal case
Carpet Protector
Waltz Carpet Protector provides protection from liquid spills and dry soils. It forms a barrier on carpet to prevent spills from being absorbed into the fibers. When applied, it seals each fiber, giving the carpet extra protection. Routine maintenance is faster because soils are held in suspension for easier removal by vacuum. The wicking action assures uniform protection and increases the carpet’s ability to resist soils and stains.
157604SYM 4/1 gal case
Carpet Bonnet
Standard Blend Carpet Bonnet
ASP13SYM 13" 5/1 case
Carpet Bonnet Pad with Fiberlok Yarn
Specially blended yarns aggressively loosen soil and soak it up like a sponge. Mounts easily to any standard low-speed rotary floor machine.
Available Sizes: 17", 19", 21"
6 pads / case

Restroom Care

Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner
Canon Non-Acid Restroom Cleaner is a ready-to-use heavy duty restroom cleaner that cleans and deodorizes in one easy step. It quickly dissolves soap scum from restroom and shower tile, fixtures and all washable surfaces. Leaves behind a pleasant long-lasting fragrance that lets users know that the area has been cleaned. Works on a wide variety of surfaces, including marble and granite.
146432SYM 12/1 Qt case
Lime & Scale Remover
D-Scale is a heavy-duty descaler for restoration and renewal of many hard surfaces with minimal scrubbing. D-Scale quickly removes difficult hard water stains and built-up soap scum from showers and tubs, dishwashers, drinking fountains, and more. Unlike other descalers, It is safe to use for cleaning stainless steel and aluminum. From restorative maintenance to equipment restoration, D-Scale performs where other products fail.
113904SYM 4/1 gal case
Major Digester
Restroom Cleaner with Enzymes
Major Digester's enzymatic formulation cleans and deodorizes without harsh chemicals. It contains no acids or caustics – perfectly safe to use on all surfaces, including in drains. Quite simply the best product to use in high traffic restrooms. Mop onto the floor and Major Digester naturally eliminates foul odors caused by urine, feces, etc. Unlike a disinfectant cleaner, Major Digester continues working even after surface is dry. Use anywhere odors and cleanliness are a priority.
156532SYM 12/1 Qt case
156504SYM 4/1 gal case
Bowl & Urinal Cleaner
This ready-to-use, 9.5% hydrochloric acid bowl cleaner quickly removes the most stubborn rust, scale and lime deposits from urinals and toilet bowls. Simple and easy to use, Rondo Bowl & Urinal Cleaner will clean and deodorize in one application.
145232SYM 12/1 Qt case
Thickened Bathroom Cleaner
Phosphoric acid cleaner for safe, effective removal of soil, hard water deposits and scale from urinals, toilets, shower walls and ceramic tile. 
184732SYM 12/1 Qt case
184704SYM 4/1 gal case
Shower Tub & Tile Cleaner
A fast acting, spearmint scented, foaming, acid-based product for the heaviest build-up of soap scum and lime deposits, Via assures quick results with minimal effort. Use on chrome fixtures, sinks, drinking fountains and toilet bowls.
140004SYM 4/1 gal case

Skin & Body Care

Antimicrobial Lotion Hand Soap
Gentle, high foaming lotion soap with Triclosan for cleaning hands and body. Luxurious lather will not strip natural oils from skin. Contains lanolin and skin emollients.
118504SYM 4/1 gal case
Natural Liquid Hand Soap
Calore is a 15% coconut oil hand soap with lemon scent. Fortified with emollients and skin conditioners to soften hands. Produces a rich creamy foam, with excellent cleansing action.
116004SYM 12/1 qt case
Moisturizing Full Body Shampoo
Dolce Moisturizing Full Body Shampoo is a pH balanced, gentle, lotionized hand and body shampoo. Excellent cleaning action with luxurious foam. Contains moisturizers for softer, smoother skin. Tropical coconut fragrance.
1966041SYM 4/1 gal case
Pink Lotion Hand Soap
Signature Pink Lotion Hand Soap, pH-balanced hand soap cleans without drying out skin. It effectively cleans dirt and grime, yet is gentle on the hands and body. Users will enjoy the luxurious foam and pleasant almond fragrance of this biodegradable hand soap.
117704SYM 4/1 gal case
Sonata (For use in foaming dispensers only)
Foaming Hand Soap
Sonata Foaming Hand Soap is a high foaming action hand soap. Reduces soap scum in sink and lowers cost per hand wash. Softens and leaves hands with a fresh berry scent.
185104SYM 4/1 gal case


All Purpose Cleaner
Biodegradable, non-toxic and contains no phosphates. Fineza is a cleaner, degreaser and deodorizer all in one. Leaves a fresh, long-lasting lavender scent. Great for cleaning kitchens, bathrooms, living areas, playrooms, workshops, floors, walls, appliances, garbage cans, diaper pails, pet areas or any other surface that is not harmed by water.
167604SYM 4/1 gal case
Old Fashion Lemon Oil
“Grandioso Old Fashion Lemon Oil” is a premium polish and cleaner containing natural extracts for use on fine furniture, woodwork, stainless and more. Gently moisturizes and protects without wax or silicone.
178204SYM 4/1 gal case
Key 64
Green Glass & Surface Concentrate
An environmentally preferable bio based concentrated glass cleaner formulated from an effective detergent and vinegar to provide a crystal clear, streak-free shine. Effectively removes smoke film and dirt from glass and other hard surfaces. Does not contain harmful or toxic ingredients and because Key 64 is made from bio based ingredients, you can rest easy knowing you aren’t exposed to harsh chemical fumes and residue.
181804SYM 4/1 gal case
Ready-to-Use Glass Cleaner
A non-streaking, quick drying, ready-to-use formula that cleans and shines glass, sinks, mirrors, stainless, chrome, aluminum and more. Won’t leave behind any film that may cause smearing. Daily use also helps prevent fingerprints.
20487 4/1 gal case
Pine Cleaner & Deodorizer
Presto Pine Cleaner & Deodorant is a concentrated, multipurpose cleaner/deodorant made with premium pine oil. Presto Pine Cleaner is gentle enough for everyday cleaning, yet safely removes embedded dirt and grease while leaving behind a fresh pine scent. Safe for use on all surfaces not harmed by water.
142704SYM 4/1 gal case
Up Beat
All-In-One Peroxide Cleaner
UpBeat combines multiple cleaning products in one package. By simply altering the dilution UpBeat can be used throughout any facility. Its many uses include tub & showers, tile and grout, carpets, and can even be used on glass. It removes mold stains and soap scum. The ingredient Hydrogen Peroxide allows it to clean without the fumes associated with aggressive acids. UpBeat whitens grout as effectively as cleaners that contain bleach, but is less aggressive on clothing and has a longer shelf life than traditional bleach cleaners.
143204SYM (Concentrate) 4/1 gal case
164332SYM (Ready-To-Use) 12/1 qt case
Glass Cleaner (Aerosol)
Glass Cleaner
Delivers a blend of surfactants. Foaming formula clings to vertical surfaces without dripping or running. It quickly dissolves dirt, grease and grime. Leaves no streaks or residue to collect dust or dirt.
4312418SYM 12/1 case
Lemon Furniture Polish (Aerosol)
Furniture Polish deep-cleans, polishes and conditions wood surfaces. The smooth, creamy, lemon-scented formula provides instant protection and a wax-free shine. Wax-free cleaner, polish and protectant.Restores and protects instantly. Protects against fingerprints, water spots and spills.Fresh lemon scent.
4312416SYM 12/1 case
Stainless Steel Cleaner (Aerosol)
Stainless Steel Cleaner, Polish and Protectant is a unique oil-in-water emulsion that quickly cleans, shines and protects without scratching. Heavy-duty cleaning agents and surfactants deep-clean, and remove smudges, soil, oil and grease stains, water marks and rust without leaving a greasy film.
4312417SYM 12/1 case

Kitchen Care

Oven and Grill Cleaner
Chord Oven & Grill Cleaner penetrates and emulsifies tough soils such as baked-on grease and food deposits. Combining solvents, wetting agents, ammonia and alkaline materials, Chord effectively cleans hot or cold surfaces and can be used for daytime or overnight cleaning. Use on cleaning commercial and institutional ovens, grills, griddles, charbroilers, drip pans, hoods, rotisseries, deep fat fryers, and small cutlery items. Non-flammable, meets current CA VOC laws.
112404SYM 4/1 gal case
Dish Washing Detergent
A pleasantly scented, highly effective dish detergent that is economical to use, gentle on hands and effective at cleaning soil from dishes, pots and pans. Excellent grease cutting power. Leaves dishes sparkling clean.
180904SYM 4/1 gal case
Oven, Grill and Hood Cleaner
Loco Oven & Grill provides longer contact time for easier cleaning. Its viscous, clinging non-flammable characteristics allow for faster, more effective cleaning than foaming products. This formulation quickly penetrates and removes the heaviest stubborn baked-on carbon and soil from ovens, grills and hoods. Use on stainless steel, glass, nickel and porcelain. Not for use on soft metals like brass, copper, galvanized or any painted or coated Teflon surfaces.
112604SYM 4/1 gal case
Premium Dish Washing Detergent
This high sudsing, highly effective detergent is specially designed for industrial and institutional use where fast grease emulsification is essential. Ideal for cleaning pots, pans, and silverware, Lyric Premium Dish Wash works quickly and leaves dishes sparkling and film-free. Manufactured with only the finest cleaning surfactants available so dishes rinse quickly and easily. Although tough on encrusted dirt and grime, this superior product is mild on the hands.
18140SYM 4/1 gal case


Lemon Disinfectant Cleaner
Lemon-scented, EPA registered, neutral pH, quaternarybased disinfectant cleaner that will not dull or haze floor finish gloss. Outstanding cleaning and broad-spectrum disinfecting in one step. Kills the HIV-1, Hepatitis B virus, MRSA,MRSA-CA E-coli and numerous other microorganisms. Ideal for health care, restroom sanitation, schools and institutions. 2 oz per gallon.
145404SYM 4/1 gal case


Citrus Degreaser
This safe, natural, concentrated degreaser instantly dissolves grease, oil, animal fats, proteins and adhesives. Jazz Citrus Degreaser can be safely used on vinyl & quarry tiles, ceramic, marble, concrete, aluminum, metal and other hard surfaces. This product contains no petroleum solvents and has no flashback vapors; and, can be used in autoscrubbers, pressure washers, bucket or spray bottle - simply mop, brush, or wipe. No rinsing required and leaves behind a pleasant citrus scent.
162604SYM 4/1 gal case
162605SYM 5 gal
Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser
This fast-acting cleaner removes stubborn soils. Ideal for fast and easy removal of the most difficult greasy & oily stains commonly found in industrial settings as well as hospitality and food service. Serenade Jazz Industrial Cleaner/Degreaser is biodegradable. Use on plastic chairs, desktops, lockers, fiberglass bath tubs, shower walls, doors, walls, industrial equipment and anywhere heavy soils are in need of cleaning.
114604SYM 4/1 gal case
114605SYM 5 gal
Citrus Powered Gum Remover
Solo provides powerful performance on a wide array of surfaces. The formula is 100% active and works like no other. Blended with natural solvents and heavy duty soil-removing detergents, Solo provides extremely fast penetration, emulsification and removal of many hard to clean surfaces. Use on gum, oil, tape, blood, shoe polish, wax, grease, asphalt, tree sap, make-up, many inks and adhesives...nearly every kind of stubborn industrial soil.
1628326SYM 6/1 qt case
Foaming Cleaner/Degreaser
This highly concentrated biodegradable degreaser instantly dissolves grease, oil, animal fats, proteins, and more. Jazz Foaming Cleaner Degreaser can be used in auto-scrubbers, pressure washers, bucket or spray bottle – simply mop, brush, or wipe. Fortified with butyl and containing corrosion inhibitors, this product is an excellent choice for use in kitchens and industrial settings.
192104SYM 4/1 gal case
192105SYM 5 gal

Paper Products

Serenade Facial
2 Ply Facial Tissue
30 packages of 100 sheets to a case.
5131601 SER
Serenade Premium
2 Ply Bath Tissue
96 Rolls of 500 sheets per case.
Serenade Jr Jumbo
2 Ply Bath Tissue
12 Rolls to a case.
Serenade Multifold
White Multifold Towels
20 Packages of 200 Sheets to a case.


Blue Dust Mop
Dust is collected and retained by static cling and the unique twisted yarn in the Synergy dust mop. Looped end construction prevents fraying and gives better pickup of soil. The mops don't have to be treated so they don't add to the oil in wash water effluent that needs special treatment. The mops are made with tough polyester backing that lasts longer and doesn't shrink. Synergy mops offer the look and performance of cotton mops with the advantages of synthetic yarn - the best combination of performance and profitability.
AQC18SITB-SYM 18" 12/1 case
AQC24SITB-SYM 24" 12/1 case
AQC36SITB-SYM 36" 12/1 case
AQC48SITB-SYM 48" 12/1 case
AQC60SITB-SYM 60" 12/1 case
4-Ply Rayon Finish Mop
Rayon yarn picks up finish and evenly releases it for a smooth finish. Strong 4-ply yarn can stand up to tough industrial applications.
AEW3016SYM #16 12/1 case
AEW3024SYM #24 12/1 case
AEW3032SYM #32 12/1 case
4-Ply Cotton Wet Mop
100%  cotton yarn absorbs 2-3 times its own weight. Strong 4-ply dref-soun yarn stands up to tough industrial jobs.
AEW7516SYM #16 12/1 case
AEW7524SYM #24 12/1 case
AEW7532SYM #32 12/1 case
Wet Mop/ Medium
Highest quality mop available for standard mopping. Mops are pre-laundered and pre-shrunk. Heavy 4-ply blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester provides excellent absorbency. Looped-end construction eliminates tangling and reduces wear.
AST16B-MDPS5SYM BLUE 12/1 case
Wet Mop/ Large
Highest quality mop available for standard mopping. Mops are pre-laundered and pre-shrunk. Heavy 4-ply blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester provides excellent absorbency. Looped-end construction eliminates tangling and reduces wear.
AST24B-LDPS5SYM BLUE 12/1 case
Wet Mop/ X-Large
Highest quality mop available for standard mopping. Mops are pre-laundered and pre-shrunk. Heavy 4-ply blend of cotton, rayon, and polyester provides excellent absorbency. Looped-end construction eliminates tangling and reduces wear.
Finishing Mop
4-Ply blue and white candy-striped poly-rayon synthetic blend yarn releases and spreads finish evenly. Tapeless tailband eliminates steaking, while looped ends eliminate tangling. Tailband provides wide surface span and even coverage. Synthetic blend yarn helps prevent mold and mildew growth. White headband. Launderable.
AST30BWL5SYM LARGE 12/1 case
Finishing Mop
100% nylon yarn releases finish evenly, leaving a smooth silky finish. Mops glide on the floor, resulting in less fatigue and quicket completion of tasks. Continuous filement yarn won't lint and stays looking whiter, and longer. Nylon yarn helps prevent mold and mildew growth. Not launderable.
AST50LSYM LARGE 12/1 case
The Pearl
Microfiber Wet Mop
Absorbs 10x its weight in moisture. Requires no brek-in. Enhances the performance of green chemicals. Resists mildewing. Bleach Resistant. Lints less than cotton. Utilizes existing hardware. Obsoletes the archaic, cut-end, cotton mop. Not Launderable.
Dust Mop
Tufted construction acts like thousand of "wicks" to pick up and retain dust and grime. Tightly twisted cotton yarn is pre-treated with a superior dust- collecting compound to enchance dust pick-up. Can be re-treated for extended use, providing even more value. Full- tie backing allows mop o fit any style of hardware. Not Launderable.
ADT18WSYM 18" 12/1 case
ADT24WSYM 24" 12/1 case
ADT36WSYM 36" 12/1 case
ADT48WSYM 48" 12/1 case


Tough On Dirt, Grime and Stains • For Traditional & HE Washers
Works well in warm or cold water. Pretreatment of stains will improve washing performance in cold and hot temperature settings. It is recommended to separate dark colored and heavily soiled clothes to prevent color migration and soil transfer to light colored and lightly soiled clothes. Follow recommended instructions on clothes tag and select the recommended temperature on your machine.